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 Course Description

The course contains 11 modules.  Each section must be completed before advancing to the next.  Final essays are to be completed prior to receiving the certificate.

Hospice History and Philosophy  

The history of hospice module includes time lines off historical landmarks that brought hospice to it’s current status in our health care system today.  The philosophy of hospice is the essence of every agency’s program.

Ethics and Confidentiality 

The privacy and ethical issues surrounding volunteerism are addressed.  Every agency should be protected by making sure patient information is protected.  The first stepis a well educated volunteer.

Interdisciplinary Roles 

This course discusses all the roles involved in the care and management of the patients and their caregivers.



Communication is more than speaking, in this course we stress the art of authentic listening.


Hospice Eligibility

For those who may never become active volunteers, this course addresses the eligibility for hospice and is a valuable tool for anyone wishing to learn how to help others access the hospice benefit. 


Grief and Bereavement

What to say when you don’t know what or how to say it to someone who has suffered a loss. 


Infection Control

Following the CDC guidelines and use of the interactive module, this course addresses the need for basic care in infection control  for the safety of the volunteer and the patient.


Advanced Directives

This segment addresses living wills and the value of letting family and friends know your preferences for end of life care if unable to speak for yourself.  This course is appropriate for patient care volunteers and administrative volunteers as well as the community in general. 


Care Giving

Journal for healing, activities, and stress reduction are tools addressed for use with caregivers. 

Death and Dying

The stages of dying.  Describes different milestones that are general observations. 
Not everyone will experience the same journey but the course defines the most common observations. 

Beyond the Basics

Overview of alternative therapies utilized in hospice. Some of the therapies are music, massage, and pet therapy.




Robin Watts
Hospice Volunteer Training Online Founder, Robin Watts

Robin Watts is a Hospice Care Consultant for a hospice agency in Georgia.

She has been involved in educating the public on hospice services as the gold standard of end of life care since 2003.

Robin is the author of the book “My Story:  Creating A Legacy From Memories” and the founder of “Faith Partners”, a free lecture series that is taught to church groups  as a guide to caring for people needing support during times of advanced illness or after suffering a loss.

 Robin is the founder of the first online training program for hospice volunteers; a program utilized by hospice agencies across the United States to educate prospective volunteers about the hospice philosophy of care.

Robin is a Certified Facilitator of Adult Learning and presents to community groups all over North Georgia on such topics as living wills, ethical wills, hospice eligibility, grief and bereavement, volunteerism and how to write your life story.

The most important task Robin has assumed is to help patients and families understand hospice services so they may claim the benefit, embrace the right to specialized care, and replace fear and distress with comfort, peace, and new perspectives about life.



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