Course Syllabus


Online courses cover basic concepts and do not replace onsite training.

These courses enhance the volunteer experience by providing infection control, ethics and privacy, and communication techniques.

Lesson 1 – Introduction 

Lesson 2 – Hospice History and Philosophy

Lesson 3 – Ethics and Confidentiality

Lesson 4 – Communication 

Lesson 5 – Interdisciplinary Roles 

Lesson 6 – Hospice Eligibility 

Lesson 7 – Grief and Bereavement 

Lesson 8 – Infection Control and Safety 

Lesson 9 – Advanced Directives 

Lesson 10 – Caregiving  

Lesson 11 – Death and Dying  

Lesson 12 – Beyond the Basics – Alternative therapies (pet, aroma, music)

 Hospice Volunteer Training Certificate

Further training will enable the person to become a patient volunteer and the information reviewed in this course will set a strong foundation for realizing the importance involved in the volunteer services of hospice.