Veterans Day

Today we celebrate Veterans Day.

At 11 AM, the 11th hour, our country holds a moment of silence to pay our respects to those who have fought and died in war.

A great debt is owed to the men and women who gave their lives either in service or in death to this country.

The freedom that we enjoy each and every day is a direct result of the sacrifices made by our soldiers.

Tonight I sit at the table where my dad, a Korean Conflict veteran, sat for years.  He will be missed as we, his family, sit in the place where we honor him not only as a father, but as the man who represented veterans in a most awesome way to his family and friends.

I will miss his rise to shake the hands of other veterans.

I will miss his soulful hand resting over his heart with the pledge.

I will miss the stories, the conversations, the respect he held for his fellow veterans and for his country.

I miss my dad.



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