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Learn how to become a valued hospice volunteer and impact the lives of those facing terminal illness.

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Get ready for your new role with Hospice Volunteer Training Online Course.

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Our course is developed by professional hospice staff to provide essential knowledge and skills and based on Medicare guidelines

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Discover practical advice and tips to enhance your hospice volunteer experience. and enhance your personal growth

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Learn about the roots of hospice care and how it has evolved into a widely recognized form of end-of-life support following the Medicare Conditions of Participation

Get the Skills You Need to be Prepared as a Hospice Volunteer

As a hospice volunteer, you will play important roles in the care for patients and their families. By completing this training, you will be ready to provide administrative volunteer duties. Patient care volunteers will require further mentoring from their volunteer coordinator. This course prepares you for this increased level of care.

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Become familiar with important concepts and practices in hospice care through our Hospice Volunteer Training Online course. This knowledge will prepare you for your volunteer experience and allow you to begin training for patient care following the hospice agency’s policies and procedures..

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Discover the essential topics covered in our online course.

Course Syllabus

Topics covered in the course

Optional Personalized Site for Hospice Agencies

Complete the service agreement to create the training site specific to your hospice.

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Explore your journey into the human connection. Be motivated. and inspired. with stories and lessons for your growth as a volunteer.

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